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Our PC Repair services provide a complete solution for managing your laptops, desktops and other equipment. Remote login technology also supports clients that prefer not to, or are unable to drop off items. Not only do the customers get the same level of individualized support, but also get prioritized service at a discounted. Call us today at (902) 541-9709 to get in touch with our technical support.

Virus, Spamware and Malware Removal
Virus, Spyware and Malware Removal
Is your computer misbehaving or acting up? We can disinfect your data, restore your system as before (with data) and install software that will likely help avoid future infections.
Installation and Upgrade PC Repair Services
Installation and Upgrade
We install and/or upgrade any kind of computer hardware and software that you may want or need, at very competitive rates!
Hardware Repair and/or Replacement
Hardware Repair and/or Replacement
Before you decide to go out and spend thousands of dollars on a new computer, contact us aboutone of our reps about the possibility of repair.
Data Recovery and Migration
Data Recovery and Migration
Moving emails, application settings and website favourites from one computer to another can be a daunting task. Let us help you set up your new computer and test it out to make sure everything works on your new configuration.
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